DTG 311311Z AUG 2015
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Upcoming Events
Below are a list of upcoming events for Texas Army MARS. Note that regularly scheduled NETS are not represented here on the calendar. If you would like to have an event added to the calendar, please contact AAM6WTX.
Sep 2015

15 AND 20 METERS (map)
On the 2nd of September this year we will observe the 70th Anniversary of the formal surrender of the Empire of Japan, marking the end of WWII. Most everyone knows that the documents of surrender were signed aboard the USS MISSOURI (BB-63) in Tokyo Bay on that date. What is less known is that there were other US Navy ships in Tokyo Bay on 9/2/45. The submarine tender USS PROTEUS (AS-19) was anchored in Tokyo Bay, having sailed from Guam to be the flagship of Vice Admiral Charles A Lockwood (representing the U.S. Naval submarine forces at the formal signing of the surrender documents on board the U.S.S. MISSOURI). In addition, 12 USN Submarines were present in Tokyo Bay nested alongside PROTEUS: To port: To starboard U.S.S. RUNNER (SS476) U.S.S. ARCHERFISH (SS311 U.S.S. GATO (SS212) U.S.S. MUSKALLUNGE (SS262) U.S.S. SEACAT (SS399) U.S.S. CAVALLA (SS244) U.S.S. PILOTFISH (SS386) U.S.S. RAZORBACK (SS394) U.S.S. TIGRONE (SS419) U.S.S. HADDO (SS255) U.S.S. HAIL (SS256) U.S.S. SEGUNDO (SS398) Of these 12 submarines, there are only 2 remaining 70 years later. USS CAVALLA (SS-244) is a museum ship located in Galveston, TX and USS RAZORBACK (SS-394) is a museum ship located in North Little Rock, AR. In cooperation with the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum (custodian of USS RAZORBACK) several others and myself will conduct an On-Air Special Event to commemorate this anniversary of the surrender from on board USS RAZORBACK on 2 Sept 15 from 1600Z until 2100Z. We will use the Special Event Callsign of N5R. We intend to operate SSB in the 15M and 20M bands, (depending upon atmospheric conditions and propagation). At this time I am trying to get a QSL card design together, but we will send a commemorative QSL to all who work N5R on 2 September15. Could you please post this to your list to help get the word out concerning this on-air event? (At this point we are too close in to get published in QST.) Thank you! REPLY TO: John Moore, K4JNB plane_nut

Oct 2015

02 OCT 2015: HAM EXPO
Bell County Expo Center, Belton, Texas (map)

09 OCT 2015: FFD-2015
Texas Army MARS Fall Field Day 2015. Please put this date OCT 9-10 and reserve it for the FFD-2015. More details will come as this date gets closer.