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FOUO Document Vault

vaultTexas Army MARS Document Vault - The Document Vault contains latest revisions of important procedural and reference materials distributed by state staff and Army MARS HQ. Note that some materials will require you to login in order to gain access.

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Solar Weather/Propagation

  • Consolidated Solar Weather
    This page shows a consolidated listing of solar weather information combined from the UMLCAR DIDBase, NOAA space weather pages and from the Austin, TX Ionosonde at Applied Research Labs
  • DIDBase
    Select Station List then EGLIN then year/month/day/time for Ionosonde plot.
  • NOAA Solar Weather
    Solar Weather plots of Kp and X-Ray and other solar emissions.
  • Solen Solar Weather
    Good general solar forecast from an individual.
  • Solar Ham
    SolarHam provides real time solar news, as well as consolidated data from various sources.