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Other MARS Services Websites

Visit some of the other MARS services' websites to keep current on the activities for other branches of the Military Affiliat Radio System. These are links to external website. Texas Army MARS is not responsible for the content of these external sites. Links found here do not constitute an endorsement of the content that they may contain.

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US Air Force MARS Links

Hqs US Air Force MARS
Region 1 USAF MARS
Region 2 USAF MARS
Region 3 USAF MARS
Region 4 USAF MARS
Region 5 USAF MARS
Region 6 USAF MARS
Region 8 USAF MARS
Florida Air Force MARS
Minnesota Air Force MARS
West Tennesee Air Force MARS

US Navy-Marine Corps MARS Links

Hqs US Navy-Marine Corps MARS
Region 1 USN/MC MARS
Region 3 USN/MC MARS
Region 4 USN/MC MARS
Region 5 USN/MC MARS
Region 7 USN/MC MARS
Region 8 USN/MC MARS
USN/MC MARS Afloat System
Ohio Navy-Marine Corps MARS
Northern New York Navy-Marine Corps MARS
Southern New York Navy-Marine Corps MARS
South Carolina Navy-Marine Corps MARS