DTG 100845Z DEC 2016
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Region 6 Army MARS NIMS Training Roster

Any discrepancies or errors should be directed to the attention of the appropriate state officer.

AAR6AB   NM   
AAR6AG   LA   
AAR6AT 4 TX   
AAR6AU 3 TX   
AAR6BB 3 TX   
AAR6BG 1 TX   
AAR6BH 2 TX   
AAR6BU   LA   
AAR6BX   LA   
AAR6CE 2 TX   
AAR6CG 1 TX   
AAR6CH 1 TX   
AAR6CK 2 TX   
AAR6CL 1 TX   
AAR6CM 1 TX   
AAR6CR   OK   
AAR6CX   AR   
AAR6CZ 1 TX   
AAR6DA/T   LA   
AAR6DC 1 TX   
AAR6DG 1 TX   
AAR6DK 3 TX   
AAR6DN 1 TX   
AAR6DX/T   AR   
AAR6DY/T 4 TX   
AAR6EB 3 TX   
AAR6EC 1 TX   
AAR6EN   NM   
AAR6ES 2 TX   
AAR6FG/T   OK   
AAR6FW 2 TX   
AAR6GA 3 TX   
AAR6GE 4 TX   
AAR6GJ 3 TX   
AAR6GK 1 TX   
AAR6GP 3 TX   
AAR6GQ   AR   
AAR6GV 4 TX   
AAR6GX 2 AR   
AAR6HI 4 TX   
AAR6HN   NM   
AAR6HP   LA   
AAR6HT/T 1 TX   
AAR6HZ/T 1 AR   
AAR6IA 2 TX   
AAR6IB 2 TX   
AAR6IC/T   OK   
AAR6ID 3 TX   
AAR6IK 2 AR   
AAR6IN   LA   
AAR6IP/T   OK   
AAR6IS   LA   
AAR6IX   OK   
AAR6JF 4 TX   
AAR6JN 4 TX   
AAR6JT/T   OK   
AAR6JZ 2 TX   
AAR6KA 2 TX   
AAR6KF 2 TX   
AAR6KI 3 TX   
AAR6KL   LA   
AAR6LO/T 4 TX   
AAR6LV   LA   
AAR6LX/T 1 TX   
AAR6LY 3 TX   
AAR6LZ 2 AR   
AAR6MA 2 TX   
AAR6MK   NM   
AAR6MN/T 1 TX   
AAR6MR   NM   
AAR6MS   NM   
AAR6MT   LA   
AAR6MX   LA   
AAR6NG(B-P)   TX   
AAR6OC 1 TX   
AAR6OH 1 TX   
AAR6ON 1 TX   
AAR6OW/T 2 TX   
AAR6OZ 1 AR   
AAR6PF   NM   
AAR6PG 1 TX   
AAR6PK 3 TX   
AAR6PY 1 TX   
AAR6QE 4 TX   
AAR6QH 1 TX   
AAR6QU 1 TX   
AAR6RA/T 3 TX   
AAR6RB/T 3 TX   
AAR6RM 2 TX   
AAR6RV/T   OK   
AAR6SC 3 TX   
AAR6SF   NM   
AAR6SG 1 TX   
AAR6SM/T   LA   
AAR6SX/T 1 TX   
AAR6TA 1 TX   
AAR6TB 3 TX   
AAR6TD   OK   
AAR6TG 2 TX   
AAR6TH 2 AR   
AAR6TS 1 TX   
AAR6TV 4 TX   
AAR6TZ   LA   
AAR6UK 1 TX   
AAR6VB 3 TX   
AAR6VD 2 TX   
AAR6VK 2 TX   
AAR6VM 1 TX   
AAR6VN 1 TX   
AAR6VT/T   LA   
AAR6VU 1 TX   
AAR6VV/T   LA   
AAR6VX   OK   
AAR6WD 2 AR   
AAR6WG 1 AR   
AAR6WH 1 AR   
AAR6WU 1 TX   
AAR6WV 2 TX   
AAR6XB 4 TX   
AAR6YD 4 TX   
AAT6CB 1 AR   
AAT6HN 3 TX   
AAT6JB   LA   
AAT6ZQ   LA   

  = Not completed
  = Completed

Course Links

* Note: When you PASS the exam for each course,
you will be emailed a link. This link will allow you
to print your certificate of completion. After printing
several copies of this certificate for yourself, forward
the email to the state officer mentioned above the roster
so they can update the roster to reflect your "credit"
for the course. Keep this email for your records, as
there is no other way to get a copy of your certificate
without retaking the course.