DTG 100846Z DEC 2016
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Training is an important aspect of the continued success of Army MARS operations. Texas Army MARS prides itself on having some of the most technically well-trained volunteer communicators available. This page contains training topics for the beginner and advanced MARS operator. Note that the official Basic Training Course materials are available in the Document Vault and will require a valid login to gain access.

Weekly Training Topics

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Basic Training Topics
  • Zulu Time
    Understanding Zulu time is essential to daily MARS operations
  • NVIS/Propagation Training
    A good basic level training of NVIS propagation. Other solar weather and propagation information can be found at these links
  • Message Logging Procedures
    A good walkthrough of how to maintain a good message log
  • Net Roster Logging Worksheets
    • This excel worksheet is intended to track checkins and traffic if you are net control.
      Note that there are two separate pages provided as separate worksheets in the spreadsheet. Provided by AAR6CH and AAR6CG
    • This word document is intended to track the net roster as a net participant.
      Provided by AAR6CH and AAR6CG
Advanced Training Topics
  • ACP131(F): Military Operating Signals
    Published by the Combined Communications-Electronics Board in April 2006, this document serves as a complete reference for Q and Z signals for use in digital and voice operations
  • ACP125(F): Military Radio Procedures
    An Allied Communications Publication released in September 2001, this document covers almost all aspects of a radio net
  • Assembling Anderson Powerpoles
    Created by AAR6CX, this doc serves as a comprehensive guide to creating your own Anderson Powerpole cables
  • Assembling PL-259 Coax Connectors
    Created by AAR6CX, this doc serves as a comprehensive guide to installing PL259 connectors
  • Attachment Tutorial
    This tutorial describes how to reduce scanned image files into a small PDF file suitable for HF Pactor transmission
  • Images for MARS
    This document will provide the background necessary to effectively understand images and image formats as they are used in MARS communication. Transferring images over HF radio requires that the sent image size not substantially exceed about 20 kilo-bytes (kB). The first part of the document provides a brief introduction to image storage and compression. The second part of the document provides guidelines for images common to MARS operations.
  • Deployment Guide
    This deployment guide will be limited to discussing procedures used during operations with the Texas Military Forces
  • Deploying in TXMF JIST Trailer
    an overview of the jist trailers that will be available to host mobilized tx army mars stations during exercises and actual incidents with txmf
  • NVIS Antenna Theory & Design
    An advanced discussion of the specifics of NVIS propagation and antenna theory
  • Solar Superstorms
    This is a National Communications System summary of key findings related to the Solar Superstorm threat.
  • Solar Weather Cheat Sheet
    This cheat sheet was created by AAR6OA and helps to simplify effects of the planetary K-index, Solar Flares and UV radiation.
MARS National Technical Documents